Why you should start to consider contract work

Have you ever thought about becoming a “Career Interim” but don’t know where to start?

Today I will be looking at the benefits of interim work and what your next steps should be…

Benefits of interim work

  • You’re in control
    Interim work offers you flexibility when needed. If that means going on holiday for a month, spending the Summer at home or taking some time out to spend with your family, then you have complete control to do so by taking some time off in between assignments.


  • Widening your experience
    Working on interim assignments offers you the opportunity to work for different companies, industries and in different roles. This means that you become more attractive to employers as you would have been exposed to different projects.


  • Remuneration
    You will often find that companies are offering high daily rates of pay in order to attract high calibre interims and these rate often equate to a higher annual salary than a permanent role. Yes sure, you are usually not entitled to holiday pay, but, when managed correctly, you will find that you are usually paid more in an interim role. If you would like a free calculation of what your permanent salary could look like as a day rate then please do get in touch.


Next Steps…

  • Build a relationship with a trusted agency
    Most interim assignments are through recruitment agencies, it’s therefore really important to build a relationship with your recruiter as they will keep you updated about new vacancies, can advise on market conditions and can speak to your preferred employers directly on your behalf.


  • Decide on what you are looking for
    What is your ideal role? Have a think about location, day rate, industry and company. Again, this is something your recruiter will be able to discuss with you!


  • Consider how you will be paid
    Ltd company? Umbrella company? PAYE? This is all something that needs to be considered when you first start your interim career. Each agency should have a trusted accounting firm or umbrella company they could recommend for you.


Blog written by: Jade Lough, HR Recruitment Consultant at Williams Kent Ltd
22nd February 2018



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