Cost Effective Ways of ensuring Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is fast becoming a cornerstone of HR. More and more large organisations are bringing in specialists; adopting overarching engagement frameworks and investing money in their communications. This is great if you work within an organisation that sees the value in HR and has a large budget, however, for many HR professionals this isn’t the case. I want to address this by pointing out three cost effective ways of ensuring higher levels of employee engagement on little to no budget.


1 . Offer benefits that encourage trust.

The main example of this is flexible working, but it can also come down to encouraging managers not to micro-manage and allowing employees to give their feedback on certain tasks in an honest and unimposing manner.

It is easy for an organisation to say that they trust their employees, but having policies in place like this will really get that message across.

An employee that feels trusted is an employee that feels empowered and an empowered employee is much more likely to be engaged and want the organisation to succeed.

2. A simple thank you goes a long way.

Managers and senior level employees need to show that they are thankful to their front-line staff. This absolutely does not have to mean taking staff out for a fancy lunch, but it means taking some time to truly look over the work that each employee has submitted and personally thanking them for their contribution.

Additionally the ability to personally thank staff encourages communication between different levels and communication is key to high levels of engagement.

It is up to HR to develop managers so that they are aware of how vital their interactions with staff on a daily basis are to the success of a business.

3. Offer low cost rewards.

This one allows you to use your imagination and is aimed at younger employees. Research shows that the majority of millennial’s enjoy experiences rather than monetary compensation and offering opportunities to have fun or learn skills (possibly while volunteering) can really go a long way.

It is, however, important that this is done in the right manner. Employees need to feel valued for their work and not like they are trying to be bribed to work harder or to not go elsewhere.

None of these engagement methods cost very much money to implement, but they do take a proactive HR team who are willing to work on the trust policies, develop the managers and deliver the rewards in the right manner.

There is so much value in having an engaged workforce and I hope that this helps in developing practical methods for smaller organisations to compete on a larger scale.


Blog written by: Kieran Roche, HR Recruitment Consultant at Williams Kent Ltd
4th June 2018


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