6 Cost Effective Ways to Improve Workplace Culture

One of our experienced recruiters’, Jade Lough, discusses 6 ways you can improve your workplace culture at a low cost, without a ping pong table in sight.

Remember when how many ping pong tables a company had, and the offer of free drinks on a Friday night was the measure of a company’s culture?

Though some employees do enjoy ping pong tables and free drinks, what they truly value is being noticed and rewarded for their efforts. At the end of the day, a happy and satisfied employee helps create and foster a positive workplace culture. The more an employee feels as though they are appreciated and recognised for their hard work, the more satisfied and productive they will be. Which in turn creates an overall positive and supportive culture, that supports each employee’s growth and development.

Whilst things have changed a lot in the last few years and company culture is largely influenced by employees’ personalities, behaviours, morals and work styles – there are ways businesses can inspire a more positive company culture.

Improving workplace culture isn’t all about giving employees meaningless perks or implementing outdated recognition schemes – it’s about building an environment that cares for each and every employee and recognises their individual contribution to the business. It’s about providing personalised experiences and creating an environment where people want to work, an environment that genuinely benefits employees.


Below are 6 ways you can improve your workplace culture at a low cost; without a ping pong table in sight:


  • A ‘thank you’ meeting – whether this is a team meeting or a one on one, never underestimate the power of saying thank you. Simply taking the time to sit your team down and recognise their hard work in front of their peers, leaves everyone feeling appreciated and noticed. There’s no doubt this simple act will certainly boost morale.


  • Team activities – whether this is a walk at lunchtime, football in the evenings or a team picnic in the summertime, spending time with the team outside of the office can be extremely beneficial. It not only aids team bonding but also allows colleagues and managers alike to get to know each other on a more personal level, in a relaxed environment.


  • Bring your pet to work day – most companies tend to include pet-friendly policies in their workplace in order to improve the overall employee experience. Albeit bringing your pet to work also improves health outcomes and increases employee’s productivity and creativity, as well as reducing stress, cholesterol and blood pressure. The benefits definitely outweigh the costs, even if you can’t allow pets in every day, a day a month would still be valuable.


  • Days off for important events – surprising staff members with free days off for important events will not only take them by surprise but will also make them feel valued. Children’s sports days, moving house, birthdays or a driving test are just some examples that could warrant a free day off.


  • Days off for volunteering or charity work – allowing employees to take time off to volunteer at a local charity, or partake in a fundraising event, is not only a socially responsible business practice but will also leave employees feeling rewarded. If employees feel as though their organisation values what’s important to them, they will be happier, more engaged and in turn improve morale.


  • Organising wellbeing days – this involves hosting a wellbeing day, once every quarter or twice a year, where all employees take a few hours to focus on their health and wellbeing. This could involve offering massages, yoga sessions, meditation groups, healthy lunches or mental health workshops. Proving to employees that their health and wellbeing are of genuine importance to the organisation, can have an outstanding effect on their overall satisfaction and attitude towards work.



What can you do to improve your workplace culture?



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