Recruitment Agency Exhibition London

Last week I attended the Recruitment Agency Expo at Olympia London. I have never been to one of these exhibitions before so I did not know what to expect. Expect lots of freebies and lots of stands, some standing out more than others with free cocktail bars, free pick’n’mix and a basketball game. Some stands were more engaging than others, with sales staff actively conversing with you. The exhibition is essentially an assembly of recruitment suppliers, such as I.T and software providers, accountancy and job boards.




What I found interesting from my visit (besides what freebies I could get and how many mojito’s I could have) was the seminar that I attended. “The changing face of recruitment: How technology and good marketing principles are key to future success” Speaker: Martin Bramall, Managing Director, idibu. The presentation ‘focuses on the changing demands on recruiters and how talent marketing software and implementation of good marketing practices can aid this transition to allow recruiters to focus on what is really important’.

What I found interesting was the data presented. Currently ‘referrals’ rank the highest at 70% acting as the best source to provide quality candidates, LinkedIn at 60%, job boards and internal talent pool (CRM) at 40% and social networks at 15%. According to Martin Bramall, the trend will start to change over the next 5 years, with referrals still at the top for best quality candidates, however job boards will decrease to 20% whilst internal systems will rank higher at 50% and social networks at 30%. If this is the case, then posting and networking on social networks will prove more successful when finding top quality candidates than posting a job advert on job boards. With digital software and advertising becoming more apparent in day to day recruitment, it seems that HR and recruitment agencies should start investing their time in referral schemes, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook..

Can I get another mojito please?





Written by: Sophie Lee  6th Feb 2017
Administration and Marketing Executive at Williams Kent

 Sources: Recruitment Agency Exhibition, Martin Bramall – Managing Director at Idibu


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