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Blog by: Sophie Lee, Marketing Executive at Williams Kent Ltd
10th May 2017

The alarm rang at 6:30am on a Sunday morning and then I knew…I knew it was doom day.

I had previously, excitably signed the company up to a 25 mile charity bike ride in aid of Willow Foundation, and as the day was drawing closer (and having ate lots of cakes and a month out of training, not to mention not actually being on a bike for about 6 years).. I really was dreading it. I knew however, that what Williams Kent has fundraised will go towards a special day for a young adult and that all our efforts is worthwhile (or pain – ouch!!).



During the bike ride… I must admit, there were, at times when I wanted to cry and give up but ‘NO SOPHIE, keep going’. And I kept going. The day went by quickly, despite the fact that I was cycling at the same pace as a snail. All in all, it was an extremely rewarding and fun day for all of us – Not so rewarding for our bums and legs the next day…! The directors are now considering signing up for the London Marathon next year…. I haven’t said yes yet.



P.S. A massive thank you to all the people who donated! So far we have raised £757.39 which is 151% of our target but you still have the opportunity to donate just follow the link https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/WilliamsKent. A big thankyou to Simon who rented the bikes out for us on the day Apps Cycle Works. Once again thanks to all of those who supported us! 










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