4-3-3, 3-5-2, which one suits you?

As the new Premier League season draws closer, many pundits and reporters have started to speculate as to how team will line up on the opening day. What formation? 3-5-2, 4-4-2 or 4-3-3? This made me think of how the different formations align to different styles of play and whether this was echoed with different reward team strategies.

Last year’s champions, Chelsea, made drastic changes to their formation, swapping from a back four to a back three with huge success. The success of the system was so impressive that a number of other teams chose to copy the blueprint, with Spurs, Hull and even Arsenal moving to a back three.

In reward, shifts in reward strategy are less severe as it can often take time implement a new reward strategy and it is such a complex process. Typically we have seen organisation look to having a total reward offering which highlights the true value of an employee’s package. Private medical, childcare vouchers, cycle to work, all have a monetary value that is easy to highlight to employees, however flexible working, development and progression are harder to highlight. With more new and exciting benefits being introduced across the market, I wanted to see if this would be the way reward strategy would continue to head, or would there be a change in direction.

Is it possible we could see a great focus on base pay, bonus and incentives? Could we see organisations attracting talent through such a heavy salary centred package? Or is there a different strategy available. Obviously each organisation has its own needs and must align with the goals of the business. I’m sure, like most of you, I will be watching keenly for any changes in the reward world and exactly how the teams in the Premier League will line up in August.

It  was interesting to see the decision Antonio Conte made to change his approach and formation early in the season, acting like a true market leader, however it took Arsene Wenger a number of months to make a change, and only after other teams had found success following Conte’s lead. Are you a market leader and prepared to take a chance on change, or are you going to assess the market and follow the trends?


Article by: Dean MottramReward Recruitment Consultant at Williams Kent Ltd
21st August 2017


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