Williams Kent Charity Cake Sale

On Thursday 15th December we organised an office charity cake sale in aid of Willow Foundation. We raised a whopping £165.54 and thank you to everyone for helping us achieve this total! We also received a generous donation from Fish! Borough Market Restaurant with a £50 dining voucher which went in to our charity raffle alongside the cake sale. We had homemade brownies, rocky roads, cookies and a marvellous red velvet cake that sold out very quickly on the day. We did not expect so many visitors, we must have baked some delicious cakes (credit to Dean’s girlfriend…) and with the remaining cakes we went around each office and sold them off!

For those of you that don’t already know, Willow Foundation is the only UK Charity supporting seriously ill young adults between the ages of 16 to 40 by providing a Special Day. Their mission is to provide for young adults with life threatening illness and those close to them the motivation to take full advantage of life through memorable special days.

During uncertain times, each unique Special Day is a positive focus away from treatment or marks recovery from illness. The planning, anticipation and excitement of the day boosts confidence, provides inspiration to make every moment count and creates lasting memories. Recent research highlighted results from Special Days as ‘astounding’ and this year Willow will provide its 10,000th Special Day. Founded in 1999 by former Arsenal goalkeeper and TV presenter Bob Wilson and wife Megs, Willow is reliant on individuals, companies and trusts for funding.

For more information on the charity please visit their website on: www.willowfoundation.org.uk

Williams Kent are planning the next set of fundraising challenges for 2017 and welcome any one with any suggestions to send us ideas at: contact@williams-kent.com


Below are some photos from the Charity Cake Sale day. You can also view these photos on Williams Kent’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page!





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