Digital HR Recruitment – The Need to Transition

Recruitment at the best of times can be difficult, and this year has highlighted a different
type of difficulty that has affected organisations and individuals from all walks of life.

Despite the difficulties this year has shown us all, it has certainly identified new recruitment
techniques and platforms that could potentially be the future of how operate when the
working world returns to normality. Rules around meeting people in public seem to be
forever changing, and therefore it would be wrong to not expect a reduction in the amount
of in person communication that is allowed.

So, to keep building relationships with new and existing clients/candidates, we need to
introduce online alternatives that keep conversations going throughout the community.

Online Apps – Communication

Throughout the initial lockdown back in March, we tried out a variety of different online
platforms to keep constant communication between the team and essentially create a
virtual office environment whilst working from home. These apps include:

  • Slack
  • Google Meets
  • Microsoft Teams

When using these applications, we took advantage of the video calling option to conduct
virtual meetings every morning and continued to talk/call over the chat to update each
other on day to day activities.

Creating this online team environment made everyone feel engaged during times of social
distancing where contact was minimal. To enhance this further for your employees, you can
look at personalising the platforms with features that are inclusive of all team members.

The applications work well in enabling consistent communication for both small and large
teams based in different remote locations, and they are equally as effective in
communicating with clients. Working from home has seen many HR professionals have
more time and freedom, and therefore more availability to have conversations. The
flexibility of remote working can allow for video calls to be arranged, conducting virtual
interviews, and essentially carrying out the full recruitment process through an online

New Recruits

When searching for candidates and new talent for clients, we continue to use are our
database and other online CV searching platforms we have access to, as a lot of other
agencies would. However, from then forward the entire process becomes more digitally
focused, and therefore it is important for organisations to invest in their digital and social
media platforms to create a positive online image that candidates recognise. In truth, this is
an area that organisations should always be looking to enhance, no matter the

Once the external image and idea of working at the organisation has resonated with the
candidate, they will need a positive internal experience that is as close to an ‘in-person’
experience as possible. This is particularly for the interviewing and onboarding stages.

  • Hinterview

Hinterview is the platform we consistently use to interview candidates and send on those
recorded interviews to the hiring manager, which essentially eliminates a preliminary stage
of the recruitment process. It is an effective video calling platform that enables both clients
and candidates to represent themselves in a true light.

For the onboarding process, it is important to refer to the team platform options. It is
difficult to onboard new recruits in a typical way when there is a restriction on meeting and
being in the office environment, however adding someone to an existing online group will
give them an instant sense of inclusiveness and allow them communicate with their new
team members.

I believe there will continue to be developments in the way recruitment operates, moving
towards a more digitally focused recruitment world. It is important for organisations to keep
up to date with recent trends and technologies, so that they are not missing out on the vast
amount of available talent that is currently out there.


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