Employee Benefits [Infographic]: What are employers offering?

Employee benefits have increasingly become a top priority for businesses in recent years. With the rise of flexible working options and tailored benefit schemes, its time companies step up their game and review the benefits they are offering their employees.

Offering attractive employee benefits not only enables businesses to attract top talent, but also retain valued employees, promote loyalty, improve employer branding and increase employee satisfaction and morale.

Research has revealed that roughly 89% of UK workers claim that employee benefits hold high importance in their decision to work for a company (HR News, 2018). As a result, companies are realising just how important providing the right benefits is. Offering employees the right kind of benefits demonstrates that the business has a genuine understanding of their needs and that they are invested in employees’ future and wellbeing.

Additionally, only 40% of UK workers appreciate the benefits they receive from their employer. Whilst 61% of employers believe employees are happy with their current benefits package (HR News, 2018). Clearly, there’s some miscommunication and disparity around the effectiveness of the benefits employers currently offer. Businesses need to be getting it right, otherwise, they will lose their top performing talent to their competition.

For more insight into the types of employee benefits employers in the UK are offering, check out our infographic below:


Employee Benefits provided by employers


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