Employee Benefits [Infographic]: What do employees want?

Following on from our article last week on what employee benefits companies are offering. This week we take a look at what employee benefits employees actually want.

When surveyed UK employees stated that they want benefits that either improve their work-life balance, or benefits that save them money.

UK employees also ranked ‘the ability to work remotely’ as their second most important factor that contributes to happiness in the workplace. Narrowly behind doing meaningful work.

Even though workplace flexibility is one of the most important benefits employers can offer, less than 3 in 10 employees work for companies that operate flexible working schemes for their entire workforce.

Moreover, the types of benefits employee’s value seem to change depending on their age. Older generations tend to favour greater pension contributions and private healthcare. Whereas younger adults tend to favour unpaid annual leave and assistance with housing.


For more insight into what employees want, check out our infographic below:


Employee benefits employees want


As an employee, are there any other benefits you deem crucial? As a business, is it time to review the employee benefits you’re offering your employees? We’d love to hear your thoughts!



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