Get rid of instant coffee, the Millennials are in town

Today is International Day of Happiness! Let’s talk about happiness in the workplace… ‘Creating an environment to promote a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisation’ is the CIPD definition for wellbeing. Workplace wellbeing is quickly topping the agendas for many organisations, as workplace absence is creeping its way up to the highest levels since records began. What we have gathered is that a happy workforce = more engaged workers and higher productivity rates = yay! BUT HOW DO WE DO THIS…is what we really want to know. Below are some small steps for DOING THIS on International Day of Happiness…onwards and upwards…


  1. Assign an events planner

    If you haven’t got one – get one already! These people tend to be the cheerful employee who rocks up to work every morning like they are on 10 tubs of luck charms, they are the motivators, the pick-you-uppers and they love to get everyone together. Every company needs one of these people.


  1. Spice up Drinks Friday

    ‘We have drinks Friday’…said absolutely every other company. You need to be more than that! Assign a budget and get the employees to start making cocktails! Sex on the beach, mojito’s, bloody Mary’s, and the list is endless and it keeps it fresh every Friday. It can be absolutely any one in the company who fancies themselves as a Friday 4pm cocktail master, or mix it up and create a cocktail competition – who makes the best cocktails? But, I mean for me…it’s got to be a Pina Colada?


  1. Monthly Nights Out – more than just a ‘drink’

    ‘We go out for drinks after work’ …said absolutely everyone. What’s better than beer? Throwing darts whilst drinking beer, trying to putt a hole in one (or even just being able to hit the golf ball) whilst drinking beer, watching someone throw the bowling ball backwards whilst drinking beer… There are plenty of options for team night outs. See a list of websites for ideas below:


  1. Swap unhealthy to healthy/the norm to exciting

    As they say…a healthier body = healthier mind = more productivity!! Swap the office chocolates and biscuits to a delightful assorted fruit platter – it creates just as much as a buzz as bringing in Krispy Kreme donuts. Swap the breakfast talks and workshops or Jane the yoga woman coming in every morning to Frankie the pro boxing coach or Mellisandra the dancing instructor. It gives employees new excitement (even if it’s a small one), introduces friendly competition and sparks interest. All of this whilst promoting a healthier wellbeing.


  1. Feel more rewarded

    Pick a charity and give back to the community – as simple as that! According to dozens of studies, people who volunteer are happier with their lives than those who don’t. Employees will feel personally rewarded by helping others, volunteering time and donating money increases happiness by improving purpose and self-image (and corporate image too).


  1.  Buddy up system

    It works just like a mentoring system –  (Employee – Senior) but instead you want to buddy up the younger generations with the older generations of employees from different departments. They can have a meeting once every month to discuss what they are finding difficult and receive the advice and experience from a senior, this will hopefully encourage young entrepreneurial spirit amongst the new grads, let’s say. On the other hand, senior’s can get the opinions and suggestions of the new kids in town, bringing in a fresh mindset and different perspective on situations. You could even distribute tasks for the pairs to solve in the hour meeting – promoting compatibility and diversity within the workplace.


  1. You have to be more fancy than that

    PG tips and Nescafe doesn’t really do it any more…According to new studies, ‘hipster coffee trends’ are the new thing and we should start thinking about providing a beautiful selection of tea’s to choose from and delicious coffee. ‘Selecta found certain trends gearing businesses towards creating cultures and environments that stimulate collaboration and productivity, and coffee was on the agenda.’ So just like a coffee shop setting, a mix of plush armchairs, access to Wi-Fi and a selection of hot drinks on offer, putting the workforce at ease and with a smile.


Written by: Sophie Lee  20th March 2017
Administration and Marketing Executive at Williams Kent

 Sources: HR Grapevine


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