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Williams Kent & The Happiness Index present – Is Happiness ‘fluffy’, or a Serious Business Metric?

Date: 16th of July
Time: 8:00 am – 11 am
Location: Blackfriars, Central London

HR & Reward Recruitment Specialists Williams Kent have partnered with The Happiness Index for our event on Employee Engagement and Happiness. This event is for HR and Reward leaders and will focus on discussing how you can use happiness to grow your business.

Most companies have initiatives in place that aim to increase employee happiness and engagement, however it can be difficult to measure and determine the impact they have on the business. This event will provide all attendees with the opportunity to further their knowledge and pick up ideas on how they can improve what they already have in place at their organisation.

Our partners for this event, The Happiness Index, are people experts who help businesses understand how their people feel, what is working for them, what could be improved, and how to prioritise the things that will have the biggest positive impact. This allows businesses to identify areas for improvement, retain their people and boost employee engagement.

The event will take place in Central London, where our guest speaker will present as well as Mark Thompson, Head of Growth at the Happiness Index. Mark will show you how Happy Employees + Happy Customers = Business Success. He will also explore the concept of P&L 2.0, how to visualise company culture and what the future workforce looks like.

Additionally, there will also be a panel discussion with four senior HR professionals, who will be discussing their experience in improving employee engagement and happiness. The event will conclude with a Q&A opportunity for all attendees, followed by networking.

We would love to have you attend!

This is a free event however, spaces are limited, so please send an email to: if you would like to attend.


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