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Williams Kent & The Happiness Index: Mind the Gender Pay Gap

Date: 16th of October
Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am (8:30 am Registration)
Location: Blackfriars, Central London

HR & Reward Recruitment Specialists Williams Kent are partnering with The Happiness Index for our event focusing on the Gender Pay Gap. The event is for Reward and HR leaders and will focus on discussing gender pay gap reporting, the challenges encountered and the strategies businesses can implement to reduce the gap.

Nearly 8 in 10 UK companies pay men more than women, therefore as a whole, the gender pay gap is an issue that affects most UK companies. Most businesses have begun, or will shortly begin, to report on the gender pay gap however, often businesses struggle to create an actionable plan to combat the gap once it has been reported on. Therefore, this event will provide all attendees with the opportunity to further their knowledge and pick up ideas on how we can collectively work towards reducing the gap.

Our partners, The Happiness Index, will be presenting on the philosophy behind the ‘human first’ approach they’ve embedded into their organisation. They will also touch on the importance of neurodiversity and a few things businesses can do to reduce their pay gap.

Our guest speaker, Michelle Gyimah, Gender Pay Gap specialist, will be presenting on where we are in terms of the gap, how to put together an action plan and tangible examples of strategies businesses can implement to combat the pay gap. Additionally, there will be a panel discussion with six senior Reward/HR leaders and experts on the topic, who will be discussing their experience in conducting Gender Pay Gap reporting and in carrying out action plans. The event will conclude with a Q&A opportunity for all attendees, followed by networking.

We would love to have you attend!

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