Is your CV attractive?

Recruiters look through CV’s all day and see a lot of different types, structures, styles and formatting so it can be hard to stand out amongst a large batch of candidates. Here are a few tips to help your CV stand out and impress. Our job is to help you find your dream job, so help us by making it easier!


Personal Details

Firstly, the obvious! Easy mistake to make so please check. This is one of the most common but most frustrating errors to make; if you’re CV is a blinder but you don’t have your contact details visible then we cannot do anything with it! You could be missing out on your ideal opportunity because we can’t get hold of you.


  • Phone number and email are the essentials. You may want to put a URL link to your LinkedIn or a blog you have written.
  • Location – (you do not have to put your full address). This makes screening easier otherwise we could be considering you for a role at the other end of the country!


Finding the balance between a narrative and being concise

The one thing that will really stand out is being to the point. Your CV is document of yourself and your career history – be clear and detailed but without waffling! You don’t want the first impression of you to be boring and long.

It won’t be a true representation of you as a candidate and the person you are.


Try not to repeat yourself by paraphrasing or saying the same thing in a different way in order to bulk up you CV. It is all about having a clear narrative.


Be descriptive and showcase yourself! You can show off a little so don’t be afraid to!


Education and Qualifications

This may seem like another obvious point to make however a lot of candidates leave off their grades, place of study or any qualifications in general. We aren’t all the brightest sparks and not all of us achieved the best grades (I know I didn’t) but for some roles it is a fundamental part of sourcing for the perfect candidate so please remember and double check!


On the flip side this can really help boost your chances against a competitor, especially if you are a recent graduate with a strong academic record.



Be honest about everything, in particular your qualifications and experience. Not only will recruiters question your commitment and integrity if you are caught short but they will probably not consider you again for any other roles.

They would be putting their reputation on the line and when client relationships take such a lot of time and care to build and maintain, it simply wouldn’t be worth the risk.


It is easier to get caught out than you think!


Layout and Grammar

AVOID spelling and punctuation mistakes, the spell check is there for a reason! (This does not mean you should not proof read yourself). If you are still unsure after taking these measures then ask someone to check your CV for you. This could even be your recruiter.


Where possible, try to keep to 2/3 sides of A4. When recruiters scan your CV this makes it easier to spot key words.

Bullet points also aid this as well as headings such as ‘Employment History’ and ‘Education’.


A CV is your opportunity to grab a recruiter’s attention to qualify and shortlist you for a position. It tells your story of your experience but also of your potential and what YOU can give to a business.


Article by: Amy NoonHR Recruitment Consultant at Williams Kent Ltd



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