Williams Kent operate with a group of handpicked partners from different organisational areas. The partners include Tlero, MCR Reward and Human Capital, Broadwing, Project MVP, Rehabilitate, Willow and The Change Foundation. The collaborations represent the fundamental values that are held at Williams Kent as demonstrated through the partners organisational activities.

Willow Foundation

Willow Foundation is a fantastic charity that provide special days for seriously ill young adults. The welcoming and caring attitude from all Willow employees, and their active desire to create the perfect special days, creates memorable, joyful moments for the individuals they care for. The special days can provide normality to individuals suffering from illness, or perhaps grant a chance to fulfil a dream, but ultimately, they provide strength and happiness to everyone involved. Williams Kent have strong alliance with Willow where they work with a close, fun and engaging relationship. Williams Kent support Willow by raising and providing funds to create special days, on which they receive regular feedback on the memorable events that are being made possible. The overall motivation from the organisational collaboration comes from a value of life and time.

The Happiness Index

The Happiness Index combines academic research and real-time data to help businesses create thriving cultures, where their employees flourish. They provide employee engagement surveys and solutions that help organisations identify focus areas, boost retention and create happier workplaces. Williams Kent and The Happiness Index's collaboration began with we partnered on our Employee Engagement event. We then went on to co-host another event together, focusing on the Gender Pay Gap.

MCR Reward and Human Capital

MCR are reward and human capital experts with a prioritised focus on delivery of a service. The company upholds a flexible and simple business model that uses the company’s intelligence, experience and expertise for the user’s purpose. Over time, Williams Kent have developed a strong working relationship with MCR, resulting in a collaboration in which Williams Kent are the exclusive recruitment firm for MCR. Williams Kent provide MCR with consultancy leads and potential associates, as well as more recently producing an MCR article on Reward for Digital Technology on their social media. This marketing relationship has continued to develop and has resulted in the companies equally promoting each other’s services.

Broadwing Job Placement Agency

A Maltese based job placement company that provide an effective service for candidates and clients, through advanced technology focused operations. Globally established recruitment CRM software enables Broadwing to achieve this, reinforced by a strong brand reputation made up of talented, enthusiastic recruiters. Broadwings’ attention to high quality service and specialisation of identifying high-qualified individuals has created an effective partnering network with Williams Kent. The collaboration of Williams Kent and Broadwing has created opportunities for recruiters from both companies to experience the different working environments of the London and Malta based offices. Therefore, highlighting possible different mentalities and recruiting strategies used that ultimately seek to achieve the same objective.

Project MVP – Measure, Validate, Perform

MVP bring together global athletes and conducts fitness testing in large indoor arenas across the UK to identify the talented individuals. The athelete’s are then given the opportunity to be recognised by schools/universities and professional sports team globally via an online platform. The platform displays the athletes validated testing results, enabling the sports organisations to discover the exact talent they are looking to bring in. Williams Kent’s partnership with MVP largely focuses on encouraging health and well-being for employees. In addition to this, it preserves the mentality of both organisations for providing young, talented individuals with opportunities to develop, grow and succeed in their niche areas of work.

Rehabilitate – Sports Injury Rehabilitation

An easy to use, professional personal injury advice database that educates users on recovery techniques for injuries. The database contains articles and demonstration videos that display step-by-step guides that ensure the exercises are being performed correctly, enhancing the recovery process. The flexibility of the app enables all users’ types to operate its service, providing both effective treatment and knowledge for those interested in rehabilitation processes. Rehabilitate have partnered with Williams Kent to continue their commitment to effective Human Resources and physical wellbeing in the workplace.

The Change Foundation

An award-winning charity that provide and create opportunities for transformational change in young people. The charity achieves this through sport and dance, that target vulnerable young people and provide them with a chance to change. The targeted programmes are developed to produce social change, coached by individuals that have experienced the current living situation of the young individuals. Providing change to the younger generation is essential for future development, and Williams Kent recognise this and therefore support The Change Foundation thoroughly. Williams Kent raise money for the events through sponsorships and provide funds to support the implementations of programmes. Their contributions help to effectively enhance the lives and well-being of vulnerable young people because of The Change Foundation’s Programmes.


Tlero have created a 24/7 anonymous online support service platform to reduce employee stress, anxiety and depression and improve wellbeing. The platform operates through news, articles, videos and podcasts to educate and increase mental health awareness and knowledge, encouraging user interaction. Williams Kent partner with Tlero to put on events educating and generating awareness for reducing and monitoring employee mental health. The partnership of Williams Kent and Tlero primarily concentrates on ensuring employee welfare and best practise in the working environment.
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