5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency

One of our experienced HR recruiters’, Jade Lough, discusses the value of using specialist recruitment agencies.

Most things we do in life now involve a ‘middle-man’, like being sold insurance by a meerkat or booking your holiday through a booking site. It saves us time, gives us easy comparisons and a central point of contact – and using a trusted recruitment agency is no different.

There are over 30,000 recruitment businesses in the UK right now, with a 10% increase in the last 12 months. This only demonstrates the increasing need in the market and is proof that they can add genuine value. So below are a few reasons which justify their existence:


A free service (almost!)

  • For contingent recruitment, it costs nothing to view a CV from a recruiter or interview a candidate. The way the fee structure is calculated is based on a percentage of the candidates starting salary. If you’re looking for a comparison candidate or a benchmark then it is worth utilising an agency, and if the candidate turns out to be the best candidate for the job then surely, they’re worth every penny?


Saving time

  • Recruiters look after the most time-consuming part of the hiring process; advertising, reviewing applications, the first stage interviewing and setting up subsequent interviews. When you have your day job to contend with, the above tasks can really take over and can take days, weeks and even months sometimes, which means your business often suffers.


Access to passive candidates

  • Specialist recruiters have access to a large pool of relevant candidates, of which the majority will be passive candidates. Due to market mapping, a database that has been built over several years and recommendations, recruiters have access to a wealth of viable candidates. Additionally, recruiters also have a lot of experience in speaking to candidates, therefore they have a unique talent for finding the right people and weeding out the suitable candidates.


Confidential roles

  • Employing the use of a recruitment agency enables businesses to keep their roles confidential. Certain hiring situations require discretion, this may be a result of mergers and acquisitions, the replacement of a senior leader or a restructure within the company. Whatever the reason may be, recruiters are able to keep the company information confidential when generating interest for the role, which can be beneficial in specific situations.


Specialist knowledge

  • Some HR and Reward focussed roles can be confusing and difficult to recruit for. Additionally, if your business doesn’t have anyone in the department already who can help define the role and outline exactly what you need, it can be quite difficult. This is where using a recruitment agency is useful, as they have specialist knowledge of the industry can assist in defining and modifying the role to meet to specific needs of your business.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Moreover, recruiters also have specialist industry knowledge in terms of remuneration. Therefore, they’re able to successfully undertake salary negotiations whilst benchmarking against industry standards, in order to come to a reasonable agreement for both parties.


Ultimately, there are many reasons why using a specialist recruitment agency is beneficial. Recruiting is often an expensive and time-consuming process, especially when it comes to hard to fill roles. Furthermore, a recruitment agency takes the stress off the organisation, as they can take care of much of the process, from advertising through to negotiations. This enables the business, or the HR team, to focus on their day job and leave the nitty-gritty to the recruiters.


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