Dollars vs Development



Article by: Dean Mottram, Reward Recruitment Consultant at Williams Kent Ltd
5th May 2017


As most of you will be aware aside from recruiting reward professionals, football is the biggest passion in my life. With the constant demand for talent both in the world of work and on the football field, it is funny how reward and retention can be so vital to success.

One of the biggest trends we have seen over the past couple of months is how candidates are looking for opportunities that not only pay well, but more importantly offer development. This got me thinking of how the situation in the football world is similar. Quite often with each transfer window, the newspapers are full of rumours of which clubs are vying for the best talent available and there is a similar demand for quality in the working world. I wanted to explore how a large number of young professional players are starting to snub the big bucks for their own development.


Whether it is where Alexis Sanchez is going to be playing next year, or whether Real Madrid will pursue De Gea or Courtouis, there is always pressure and demand for quality. With the sad events involving Dortmund, it seems fitting that they highlight how talent is choosing the stage to develop rather than a higher salary and a smaller opportunity to showcase their skills. Players such as Dahoud, Isak, Mor, Dembele and Pulisic have all chosen Dortmund ahead of some of the so called ‘big guns’ in European Football. They are showcasing their abilities on a regular basis and growing as professionals rapidly.


Just last week I met with a candidate who has a strong background in reward and looking to gain more responsibility and autonomy in their next role. When qualifying what they were looking for in their next role, the biggest thing they were looking for was development. They stressed how it was important they could work for a manager who would invest time and energy in them but also give them the opportunity to take ownership of projects and processes.


The market is suggesting that talent both on and off the football pitch is looking to gain as much experience as they can and learning all the necessary skills to be successful and the monetary reward will follow. This should prove an interesting challenge for reward professionals to offer a competitive salary combined with progress and development which a lot of top talent are now searching for.



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